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Friday, September 23, 2005


we are getting some good wind activity here.
24 MPH (21 KT) gusting to 33 MPH (29 KT)

the heat at 94.5 F (34.7 C) is just stiffling, some rain would be a welcomed relief from the dry intense heat.
as for me, wow, talk about pain! Pressure: 29.59 in. Hg (1002 hPa) has got every joint in my body just reeling! all in all, it looks like we are going to just get sideswiped by this system.
well, we are still 3 hours until land fall from the storm, and we have gotten a preliminary test run. no power in the entire subdivision for 3 hours. It has been our 3rd outage today and surely not the last. I am just glad I can check in and say so far so well. I had battery light and gas stove to make dinner by. started eating the meat in the freezer so that we dont have any waste this week.
the wind from the N (010 degrees) at 23 MPH (20 KT) gusting to 44 MPH (38 KT) is not too bad, the heat 80.1 F (26.7 C) with the a/c off was starting to get bothersome.
it has been a great dry run for us to see what we need for disaster preparation. while there has been some criticism here about bugging out and whatnot but a very valuable lesson is the people that were bussed out of Galveston on non a/c buses were supposed to go to Huntsville shelters, were turned away because of people in cars that could have stayed home, or gone on to Dallas, so the buses were sent to Centerville, they were turned away again, finally they found shelter in Humble at a civic center. just insane. personally if they consulted me, I would say that shelters are to be assigned by zip code. establish sister cities now for the next crisis. more spider web routes out rather than main arteries. each community will adopt another one and take care of them.
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