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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Storm Supplies

We are 73 miles from Galveston, so we are going to ride it out. We have 5 day supply of water and 3 months of food. We do however have a full tank of gas just in case. I was surprised when they upgraded it from cat 2 last night to cat 4 this morning.

I have been reconsidering all day ;-) I am working on the assumption that Hattiesburg Mississippi was 100 miles inland and they did get some wind damage but not enough to completely trash the house. But if that was just a cat 4, and this one is already a cat 4 and not even picked up strength, we may be looking at a cat 5+ so I am preparing to go to Huntsville if I feel prompted on Friday. We are defiantly taking it seriously ;-) http://www.khou.com/images/hurricane/HurricaneEvacuationMap2005.pdf

For us, the cat 5 surge map is still well below 610, so anyone south of 610 should get the hell out. We are marginal for storm surge, but high risk for wind damage.

http://tinyurl.com/7vjp4 is the list if you stay that you should have. We have a 5 day supply of nutrition bars for quick retreat, they will fit in the 72 hour kits.

The is the projected landfall. Port Lavaca, TX is the current projected ground zero and thus passing between San Antonio and Houston, those areas may be in more danger than Tomball/Klein/Spring

For a weather cam, http://tinyurl.com/a5hvn is Galveston.I have been thinking about our cash situation during this storm preparation. took out $200 cash for what we can get. there is no fuel to buy and no food either. I just put all my photo albums in 2 gallon zip lock bags. I was thinking about my homeowners policy today, rounded that and the FEMA flood insurance paper work in zip lock bags.

I have access to all my cc online with the access codes on my computer, I did PRINT out that sheet JUST incase something happened to my COMPUTER. We have 5 days of bottled water (35 gallons) and 5 days of Cliff Bars that is in our 72 hour kit, stocked up on first aid kit stuff yesterday, gased up the car yesterday before the prices skyrocketed.

Will pack the car Friday "JUST IN CASE" I need to do some serious backups to CD this week not going to try to load the desktop computers in the car, that would be just nuts. did take the digital camera around and fully documented everything. zip locked the home movies, really need to burn them to DVD, take up a lot less room. same with the photo albums. so my goal for 2006, convert all the albums to 2000x3000 dpi resolution pictures of everything and make duplicate backups.

I am a major receipt-a-holic, I consider everything is deductible. ;-) We unplug all electronics during storms, need to unplug all appliances ( microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, freezer) I will throw in a book of checks in the 72 hour kit. I wrapped all the computers in garbage sacks and put them in the interior closet. taped up some of the picture windows. cleared out a closet for the boys, put in a twin size mattress, a second one for us in the hall, and a third in the laundry room for krystal. I think that home depot and lowes are seeding the skies in the bahamas to make these damn storms!

The freeways are HORRENDOUS. 33 hours from my house to dallas, so we are not going to evaculate. We are 73.5 miles from galveston and feel that we should be okay from storm surge, but not sure about the winds. Our house is supposed to be good up til 95 mph, but there has been some speculation that many of the houses are not up to spec because of contractors cutting costs. We have 5 days of water storage and 3 months of food so we are going to bleach and then fill the tubs with water. We have flashlights and batteries, tea lights and matches in zip lock baggies. We have every confidence that we will be okay here in Klein Texas. hey have upgraded it at 4:15 pm to a cat 5 storm. So we are seriously considering how safe 73.25 miles is, however, at this time I45 is COMPLETELY clogged, so there will be no leaving in the next 48 hours. I am sure that 4 am would be the best time to try to leave http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/layers/ I can't even get the site to come up it's server is so heavily hit right now. I just checked the speed charts for http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/speedcharts/speedcharts.aspx I45 north, northbound, fm1960-louetta and it puked. Right now the freeway is reserved for those in danger of the storm surge (could be 25 ft tall when it hits the coast) which would effectively destroy Galveston, Freeport, Angleton, Lake Jackson and the ship channel including baytown and nasa as well as sugarland and pearland http://www.hcoem.org/txdot/ http://www.hcoem.org/txdot/ is where we really focus, the flooding since we are 3 houses away from the Theisswood Bayou, south of the spring creek bayou and north of the cypress bayou (also computely clogged with traffic now) Heehee we had some power gliches today, the cell phones didn’t work, they were all 3 bars, but no dial tone, just txt msg I think. Currently it is 10 hours to get to huntsville, even if we WANTED to leave, I45 is a parking lot. I have been reviewing the backroads. If we took louetta to aldine westfield, and then 1960 to 59, we could possibly bypass everyone heading to dallas, which has no more rooms now, even thouse 12 hours ago, they said they had 20,000 available. This route I could head to shreveport, LA Or I could also take 249 north and the pick up on 1486 north pick up on 30 E and cut into huntsville that way. Course part of me is holding out that the hardest hit will be west of us between us and san antonio and austin and we will just get some horrendous rain and a little wind here. But then I see where they are predicting the worse storm since 1851.

We are starting to wigg out here, the storm surge is projected to be 26 feet tall (our house is 18 feet tall) and the winds are supposed to be 125 mpg (our house is built to withstand 95 mph) we are strongly considering leaving, just waiting to see how we feel tomorrow, we would leave immediately but the freeways are all parking lots. Naomi is in Washington, Jazz is in Montana and Krys is checking in every couple of hours and would happily leave with me if I said, lets go. They are projecting 115-120 here, which has us buggin, we are not considering it would have been ideal to leave Teusday as well, but now the freeway is a parking lot and I have no wish to face 115-120 mph winds in my 2475 lb honda civic. I am still not sure what to do with my three. Go and get trapped, stay and trapped. When we prepared it was for a cat 4 not a cat 5+ now what? We have gone over this and changed our minds every 30 minutes. were told we are only 63 miles from a shelter but it takes 10 hours to get there,i would rather be trapped here in the house than on the road during this, reality is that the nearest shelter is Witchita Kansas. so the problem is that we 'can't' evacuate. the roads are 4 mph right now.all 12 lanes (we would be on I45 from Louetta to Buffalo TX ) northbound are open but it is a parking lot. we would be safer in the house than in the car. if we leave, it will be today. if we stay, we will send AWESOME pictures. ;-)


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