2005 Road Trip

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Missoula, Montana to Denver, Colorado

up at 615 am, finished loading the car, took picture of the clean house, loaded the boys, ran through the house one more time for anything left behind. locked the door, drove into missoula, and realized I forgot all the frozen waterbottles for the trip. augh. 20 minutes behind schedule. get to the atm, get out $40 for food on the trip, drive over to Costco, fill up the Hybrid, and jazz makes that sad little puppy dog face, and points to her gas tank. poor mutt. so she got $17.01 (I owed her $12.99 for diapers, I guess she figured in shipping and handling ;-) heehee) Magnus had to go pee, so we hot footed it over to McDonalds but did not make it in time. so had to change him head to toe. got some egg biscuits and milk for the boys, a breakfast for me, and muffin for jazz, by 8:30 we were leaving. TOTALLY behind schedule now! Drove past Bonner and thought about the water there, the superfund site and what I had done in college for the state of montana for the lawsuit in Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography. we made Drummond in short time, and then wizzed past Deer Lodge. I found a fairly fast moving tractor trailer that must have been empty, he was going 78 mph and I was drafting behind him, keeping my mpg up and me awake, early mornings are just not my thing. I was praying for him to pull over for coffee from Anaconda to Butte. ;-) he did pull over in Butte, and by the time I got gassed up, coffee'd up, and a tinkle break, I was G*O*N*E and he was still pumping fuel. bummer. off we went again, over the pass that crosses the continental divide. I usually get 54 mpg over mountain passes, but with two bikes straped to the back of the car, it dropped down to 30, and raising my speed up to 77 instead of 70 dropped me down even more. stopped in Crow Agency for gas again, and potty break. magnus had tinkled in his pull up, so he tossed it in the trash, loaded back up in the car comando. and off we went again, this time south across the border. total time from Missoula to Wyoming border was 7 hours. first town in Wyoming was Gillette, then KayCee, I always remember when I drive through KayCee the time we lived there when I was a child and I was woke up in the middle of the night by a horrible thunderstorm. my room was on the second floor and I could see the lightening race across the sky.
landed in Aurora, Colorado for the night. It was raining, so we opted out on the tent and got a room at Motel 6. in and out, quick as you please and then on the road again Sunday morning. Posted by Picasa


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