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Monday, September 19, 2005

Storm Preparation

looks like houston is going to get slammed head on... we JUST finished our house repairs from Allison in May of this year. my dh just send me to get water... I have a splitting headache. now I am supposed to drive across town for water... we need about 5 five gallon boxes. what a PITA.

here we are 73 miles from the beach, however, Miss Katrina did damage 100 miles inland, so we are still in the damage path.
we are stocked up and planning on riding it out unless they say move inland. My dh just ordered my 250 Gig hard drive and DVD back up for my desktop so that I am better backed up, but FEDEX refused to deliver it on wednesday, thursday, or friday. I am 90% ready, have the car gassed up, the water filled up, groceries and diapers stored up. the only thing we do not have is a fully stocked first aid kit (it has taken a major hit this summer) and propane for cooking. but I really dont think that we will be as hard hit as allison.


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