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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita, Let's Dance

Fixing what was wrong with the Rita Evacuation.

here is what was planned:

State emergency officials say shelter hub sites, where people can go to be placed at a shelter, have been set up in several cities.

These are the receiving points:

LUFKIN: Lufkin High School, 309 S. Medford, off Loop 287 East.

NACOGDOCHES: Fredonia Hill Baptist Church, 1711 South St. (Business U-S 59)

AUSTIN: Delco Center, 4601 Pecan Brook Drive (off U-S 183)

HUNTSVILLE: Mile marker 101 and a-half on Interstate 45.

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION: Gateway Center, College Station.

SAN ANTONIO: McCreless Mall, 4100 S. New Braunfels Ave. (off I-37


288 to 59, I45, 290, I10, massive clogging... how about more of a spiderweb instead of deadly arteries only?


everyone talks about neighbors helping neighbors but if there were sister cities already established, it would be more hospitable to have it in place. plan for a cat 5 and designate sister cities to go to instead of sending 1.3 million people to HUNTSVILLE> that was just INSANE. some people from Galveston were supposed to be in huntsville, but others beat them to it, so they went to Centerville, also completely overwhelmed, and finally ended up in Humble, not even part of the plan. PPP if you ask me.

How about a civilized passenger train service? to me it is just completely insane to not have passenger train service between all the major cities in houston. instead of putting yet another freaking lane on the highway and taking 5 years to do it, just put in a passenger train to each major city a load a few thousand at a time, we are such a car oriented society and it is so counter productive. why cant I take a bus from the closest major intersection to I45 or 249 and take a train there downtown? it is just so uncivilized to have cars sucking gas instead of trains operating more efficently.


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