2005 Road Trip

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Houston to Amarillo Texas


by Tuesday we ready to go, or so I thought. I 'said' that I was leaving at 6 am so that no one would expect any 'interaction' well, krystal (did#2) woke me up at 5:45 am, by 7:30 am I was wasted and had to go back to sleep. after a 2 hour nap, I was ready to try again. loaded and out the driveway by 1030 am we were 2.5 hours behind schedule. during the drive, we wore out a couple of DVD's, and I quickly discovered that we would have two sets of movies, and rotate them so that I didn't have to hear the same dialog over and over more than one day in a row. drove from Klein Texas on I45 the place is already burning up from lack of rainfall this year. it has been unseasonably dry this spring. Then cutting over on 287 to Amarillo Texas and called it a night at motel 6, called Sverre to book online and got about a $5 discount for the night. gas prices were atrocious, started out at $1.88 a gallon, by Amarillo it was $2.04, bikes on back are KILLING my gas mileage. Normally the hybrid would get 42 mpg on the flat lands in Texas, now I am getting 29 mpg. taking the bikes off and storing the specialized in the car with the bike rack, hauling the trek up stairs to store in the room is a pain.
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Houston Texas

day one was postponed 3 days due to exhaustion from unplanned but much needed kitchen remodel (smashed and broke last digit of middle finger on right hand) and honey do list and shooting portraits for 3 weddings in 20 days.
Monday was spent packing and getting ready. 9 weeks (63 days)
2003 Honda Civic hybrid:
IN trunk: One 4-man tent, 5 sleeping bags, 2 foam bed rolls, and a pillow.
first aid kit
3 bike helmets, 1 tire pump, 1 burley bike trailer for two,
1 Coleman two burner propane stove, a battery powered lantern.
A counter top griddle, mixing bowl, Wisk, pancake turner and can opener (daily pancakes a must),
1 bathroom 'kit' tooth brushes, tooth paste, pit stick, various soaps and hair brush, pony tail holders, tweezers, nail clippers.
ON trunk: one 16 in Specialized hot rock bike and one 26 inch Trek mountain bike mounted on a Yakima bike carrier.
In the car:
back seat: 2 booster seats: 1 Graco Ultra Cargo belt positioning booster and 1 Evenflo Apollo V 5 pt harness booster, a Portable DVD player with dual headphone jacks and back pack of DVDs sans cases and two sets of headphones, and on the floor boards individual clothing bags. a 20" for mom with 4 sets of warmer weather clothes, 3 sets of cooler weather clothes, and one set of Sunday best. medium backpacks for the younger travelers with 4 sets of warm weather and 2 sets of cool weather clothes.personal comfort blankets and pillows as well as a huge towel to cover and protect the car seat. finally for the back seat, 1 case (24 bottles) of bottled water. as well as individual sports bottles with easy open tops. 1 pack of huggies wipes, and 1 pack of huggies pull-ups. and two reusable snack bags for packing individual lunches for easy access during drive, 1 pouch of hot wheels for diversion.
front seat: MOM gear,
collapsible lunch cooler: filled with sports nutrition bars, apples and oranges travel best, and dried trail mix.
lowepro pack: for Nikon D70 Camera with two lens, extra battery, Nikon battery charger, lens cloth, 2 1-gb cards, electrostatic brush and can of compressed air, sb600 flash and light sphere.
computer bag: with Compaq Presario r3000 laptop equipped with wireless WIFI internet and a DVD burner, two extra batteries, power supply cord and supply of blank TDK DVDs for backing up.
Backpack: with 1 pack of music CD's, hand lotion, blistex, sun screen, lactaid, Advil, water bottle and car cell phone charger, bank envelopes for storing receipts neatly (tax deductions)
moms purse: cell phone, bank cards, drivers license, keys.
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