2005 Road Trip

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Denver, Colorado to Denton, Texas

Gassed up the car, loaded up the boys, a quick trip through McD's for egg buscuits and milk (erik voted for chocolate, magnus for white) and we were hauling down the road. we did pretty good time, made WaKenney by noon. Oklahoma City by Dinner and would have made it all the way into Texas by 8 pm if not for a horrendous road constructiong snarl just crossing out of Oklahoma. it took 2 hours to crawl 4 miles. I was not amuzed! stoped in Denton at Motel 6 for some shuteye. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Missoula, Montana to Denver, Colorado

up at 615 am, finished loading the car, took picture of the clean house, loaded the boys, ran through the house one more time for anything left behind. locked the door, drove into missoula, and realized I forgot all the frozen waterbottles for the trip. augh. 20 minutes behind schedule. get to the atm, get out $40 for food on the trip, drive over to Costco, fill up the Hybrid, and jazz makes that sad little puppy dog face, and points to her gas tank. poor mutt. so she got $17.01 (I owed her $12.99 for diapers, I guess she figured in shipping and handling ;-) heehee) Magnus had to go pee, so we hot footed it over to McDonalds but did not make it in time. so had to change him head to toe. got some egg biscuits and milk for the boys, a breakfast for me, and muffin for jazz, by 8:30 we were leaving. TOTALLY behind schedule now! Drove past Bonner and thought about the water there, the superfund site and what I had done in college for the state of montana for the lawsuit in Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography. we made Drummond in short time, and then wizzed past Deer Lodge. I found a fairly fast moving tractor trailer that must have been empty, he was going 78 mph and I was drafting behind him, keeping my mpg up and me awake, early mornings are just not my thing. I was praying for him to pull over for coffee from Anaconda to Butte. ;-) he did pull over in Butte, and by the time I got gassed up, coffee'd up, and a tinkle break, I was G*O*N*E and he was still pumping fuel. bummer. off we went again, over the pass that crosses the continental divide. I usually get 54 mpg over mountain passes, but with two bikes straped to the back of the car, it dropped down to 30, and raising my speed up to 77 instead of 70 dropped me down even more. stopped in Crow Agency for gas again, and potty break. magnus had tinkled in his pull up, so he tossed it in the trash, loaded back up in the car comando. and off we went again, this time south across the border. total time from Missoula to Wyoming border was 7 hours. first town in Wyoming was Gillette, then KayCee, I always remember when I drive through KayCee the time we lived there when I was a child and I was woke up in the middle of the night by a horrible thunderstorm. my room was on the second floor and I could see the lightening race across the sky.
landed in Aurora, Colorado for the night. It was raining, so we opted out on the tent and got a room at Motel 6. in and out, quick as you please and then on the road again Sunday morning. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005

Clarkston, Washington to Lolo, Montana

last visit. Naomi should be here 1.5 hours, we can go for pancakes for breakfast. the sun just came up. I have been up for an hour, checked in with jazz about her bank account. and did my own finances. worked on my brochures for the studio. found a great company that sent me a great deal just to tempt me to print. $100 coupon to use with my $50 coupon as long as I spend more than $100. that is easy. ;-) hunger got the best of me, found some Philly cream cheese and Poulsbo bread (nutty) for breakfast. the boys are still sleeping, lucky ducks.
called Sverre to tell him that I spaced out the Capital One Payment reminder to him, the boys woke up, and I jumped in for a quick shower. noticed when I got out that there was a lot of sunshine and cold air in the room, the boys had left the door open, LOVELY. so I saw Erik, and told him to shut the door so that I could cross the door way to get a towel in the bathroom, and he did ON HIS WAY OUT. so quick as a light, I got a towel, got to the door and called them back in. got dressed pretty fast in light of the situation. both boys had a time out to consider their options. dropped off a note for the manager that the bathroom was still moldy after two notices to the front desk. Naomi requested two rubber gloves. she really loves them.
Naomi came and Jen vented about Naomi's hormones and how she was in hormone therapy.
and we went over for pancakes and ice water. Naomi didn't bring socks, so I bought her a pair so that she could play in the play port. last week she forgot her swimming suit, and her baby blanket I bought at JoAnns, I bought another baby blanket, and this week she can't swim due to her menstruation. now no socks. now Magnus is being a little noisy in the play port and would you believe that there are some 'ladies' (5 grey hairs) that are miffed that the boys are so noisy, hello it is MCDONALDS and we are in the PLAY PORT area. (rolling eyes) poleeeze! they are 'LEAVING' good. kids are allowed to be kids in the play port. *sigh* that is why it is glassed off from the rest of the restaurant. may I never get that "OLD"!
after a group potty break, Erik and Magnus are in the play port and Naomi is preparing to color. we just had a discussion about me buying her a present. totally forgetting that I just got her a Dalmatian stuffed dog last night. she is going to color a frog, she says that the frog is yellow, when asked what they eat, she says that they eat flies, and that flies are yellow. pretty smart girl. she is going to make the frog's tongue red and his eyes are not brown like Naomi's but yellow. but then she changed her mind and the eyes are now "pretty pink"
Naomi: "you know froggy says? ribbet ribbet, ribbet ribbet, ribbet ribbet."
she is pealing all the papers off each of the crayons before she uses them.
Naomi: "you know froggy says? ribbet ribbet, ribbet ribbet, ribbet ribbet"
Erik is joining in on the coloring session. while Magnus is sitting on top the bottom opening of the slide.
Naomi: "I have a cousin named Mike, Mike is my only friend, he is my cousin, he is my nephew, he is my brother, he is my only friend. Don't you have a cousin, Erik, do you? You deserve a good nephew".
Erik bailed out and went back to playing with Magnus. I think it hurt his feeling that Naomi said she had a brother Mike.
Naomi: "Momma, can I get any brothers down.
Erik and Magnus started in again, so it was time to go. packed up and went back to the motel, thought I could take the boys to the pool and visit with Naomi, but she wigged out that she didn't have a suit, so instead we watched some PBS. Erik and Magnus were rough housing and Magnus bonked his head on the wooded headboard, and cried, he was pretty upset and even more so because Naomi had been snuggling with momma, and he told her that that was HIS momma, *sigh* I explained that I was all of their momma's and they must share. he would be going back to Texas, so it was Naomi's turn to snuggle. there was peace for a short time, and then it must have been too quiet, Naomi started crying silently, and then the wailing really ensued. she refused to use any words why she was upset, she was inconsolable for 20 minutes. I asked if she was ready to go back to Jen's and she said no, but she refused to tell me why she was upset. finally got her calmed down with some Elmo, but when that was over, she wanted to go for a walk, so we were getting our shoes on, and Zavoomafoo came on and Erik wanted to eat a snack, and all bets were off. so for the next 1/2 hour we might have some peace. Naomi wants to snuggle, using me as a pillow, Magnus wants to snuggle, using me as a chair, Erik is the only one that is being independent. I was resting my eyes, and naomi started in with the panic stricken voice, terrified that I might get some rest, heaven forbid. Naomi was watching the Kratt Brothers, I was resting my eyes again, and naomi started in with the panic stricken voice again, I shhh'd her and she responded by shoving on my cheek on with the heel of her hand. I would prefer that she not do that again. Magnus thinks that my butt and legs are a chaise lounge. he is getting too heavy to do that. naomi is still banked up on my side and shoulders. sure am glad I am so comfy.
I may even take advantage and load the car unencumbered of toddlers. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lolo, Montana to Clarkston Washington

car loaded, water bottles out of the freezer, (great idea) and we cruise through the canyon. constantly amazed that yet another truck over turned at the exact same as a couple of weeks ago, this time completely going over the embankment and down in the river. I am sure the driver is toast. it was excessively warm, got to Clarkston, and double checked on the internet rate for the motel before checking in, much better to have the rate up front than get credits back on my card. Naomi came. she started out without emotion and then the flood gates burst and she was completely inconsolable. the crocodile tears flowed out of both eyes splashing down on her arms, then she started slapping her arms in rage and frustration. I told her to stop hitting herself. after 5 minutes, she moved from the table to the bed, laying on her back with her legs arched up in the air her arms folded up like a praying mantis and the hysterical crying continued. I explained to her in a calm manner that we were not go anywhere until she got control of herself. after about 10 minutes, she tried desperately to get control. in the mean time I calmly explained to the boys that she was on her period and what a period was and why she was hysterical. she came over to me and started to crawl on me, and I pushed her away, explaining that she needed to get control of herself and I moved to the bathroom. I got her a washcloth to wipe away the tears from her face, and she came up to me, draping both hands at the wrist over my forearm, she tried desperately to convince me that she had control of her self, but it was obvious that she was still overwrought with emotion. I moved back to the bed and let her burst forth again without talking to her. finally she stopped crying and calmed down. even Erik noticed that she was calmed and asked if they could all go get something to eat for dinner. totally time from opening of door to calm and collected was 30 minutes.
Naomi had a 40 minute episode of sanity and we TALKED. she told me that she didn't want to go back to the yellow house (her father's) and that she wanted to be with me. and she wanted to go to Lolo to go shopping for a present, and she was not going to school and she was mad at Sverre, I asked her why, she just kept ranting that she was mad at him, (sic for not seeing her) and I explained to her that I had to go back to Texas to take care of Sverre and Krystal, that it was their turn. I had spend 9 weeks with her and they had not gotten any visitation. she said it was the court order that she could not go, and I said yes. her dad had asked the courts to say no because that was what he wanted. then I explained to her that I loved her when I was in Washington, I loved her when I was in Montana, and I loved her when I was in Texas, and that I loved her no matter where she was. she kept arguing with me that she was not going to school and that she was not going back to the yellow house. I said that I had to go back to the brown house and I told her I would be back for her turn at thanksgiving and her birthday and it would be her turn again, like I came for last Christmas and January, and then I had to go back and take care of Sverre and Krystal and Jen would watch her for me while I worked. I got some nail polish remover and cleaned the chipped bright pink polish and put on some pretty clear on her nails
She she calmed down, we got our shoes on, and walked over to the dollar store and browsed for 20 minutes and after repeating myself about 49 times that they could have ONE CHOICE, each time they picked up a second item. we finally made it out with ONE ITEM EACH. Erik got a policeman set, Magnus got a Farmer set, and Naomi got a stuffed Dalmatian, I got jazz a lunch sac and me three compression sacs for the sleeping bags, they worked so well, I have to go back and get one more. sweet deal since they are usually $15-20 each at REI.
we walked over the get a chicken sandwich, ice water and ate, I didn't let them know that there was anything else until those were gone. Naomi put hers back in the sac untouched, Magnus ate 1/2 of his and Erik finished his and was surprised with a chocolate milk. I explained that no one would get one until all the dinner was finished, Magnus made short time of his and Naomi fished hers back out of the bag and promptly if somewhat resentfully ate hers. all ended up with a chocolate milk when they were finished.
we walked back to the room, watched ZOOM and then at 7 pm we drove back over the bridge to get some pictures with the water fountain (it is only on late afternoon) which started out rough, got worse, and finally got SOMETHING. the dreadful part is that it is too dark to shoot with natural light, and Naomi blinks with the flash, (have to investigate if the SB600 has a redeye mode with preflash) and the reflector was a joke, the kids ended up ruining it rather that having it help me. I gave up after 1 hour and we took a drive back up in to the orchards in Clarkston for 1/2 hour while I had the kids essentially bound by seatbelts for 30 minutes of not worrying. got back to the room. while I was actually packing the sleeping bags in the compression sacks, Erik and Magnus were raiding the snack sac, Naomi thought we were having a sleep over and proceeded to get ready for bed. she was down to her panties when I looked up, I told her that we were not having a sleep over, and she needed to get dressed. poor mutt loves to have sleep overs, but she must have forgotten that she didn't bring her over night bag with her PJ's, toothbrush.
got the boys dressed for the pool, had planned an hour to wear them out, but they lost interest after 15 minutes due to no one else being at the pool. we we wrapped it up, went back to the room, got PJ's on, and would you believe, after carefully packing just a 4 day essentials bag, putting all the extras in the trunk, I didn't have PJ's? so FORTUNATELY I did not have the bikes loaded, I was able to get the 'extras' bag out of the trunk and locate a nightgown for me. now the lights are out, the boys are in bed, but WILL NOT SHUT UP and go to sleep. so finally with the lights out, the computer off, they decided that it was prudent to go to sleep. we were out by 1030 pm, and guess who woke up at 530 am without help? augh. just when I thought I could sleep in! rats! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lolo Montana

mowed the lawn 1.5 hours without breaking, front, back and sides. even diagonal on the front. dumped all the grass clippings (7 bags) in the garden. ran a load of dishes and a load of clothes, sorted the toys, those that stay, those that go, and those that need to go in the trash. washed the tent in the bathtub, repaired a rip in one of the hooks at the top, and taped up a pole that was splitting. dried in the sun and now all folded up nice and put away. backed up my computer incase of catastrophe, the trunk is packed with all the luxuries, and the car with most of the necessities. just have out three sleeping bags, three pillows, camera/bag, computer/bag, lunch bag DVD case, and purse.
got a good scrubbing shower including hair, feel 100% better. lunch was a mayonnaise and banana on Poulsbo bread. some canned peaches and tons of ice water. I really want to eat out. have completely emptied the refrigerator but for 1/2 gallon of milk, three 8 week old taters, 1/2 dozen eggs and 1/4 cup sour cream. can not think of a thing to do with those items. ;-) okay, maybe a tater salad. but hmmm.
so I go in, clean and cut the taters, make the boys some air popped popcorn, and start cleaning the counters, get to the Jenn Aire and there is a smell. I take both grease jars off, whew, that was gross. Jazz must not know about them, they definitely have not been dumped in 3 months if not longer. one had mold growing. so that is done, now the boys have scattered popcorn all over the foyer, GRRRRR and I cant find the dustpan, Magnus is sweeping it out on to the porch, heehee *sigh*. see. it is a never ending battle. now I have to clean the foyer and the porch.
I started cleaning jazz's room, striped the bed, put the linens in the washer and the blankets are next, wet swiftered under the bed, found the dustpan, the boys are just getting on my nerves, so put them down for a nap. I really need a nap myself, but I also just need some quiet time. which is more valuable? hard to say right now. has been a dilemma for 21 years Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hamilton, Montana

guess my phone was off when the battery died. everyone was trying to get a hold of me. there was a nice little earth quake last night, I thought it was the washing machine off balance it shook the house so bad. the epicenter was in Dillon, 5.3 on the Richter scale.
woke up stiff, obviously too much salt in my diet, lots of ham this week. feel a hundred years old. made the boys some old fashion oats for breakfast, I had a nice hot cup of cappuccino. then knock knock knock, Della showed up at my door. great idea for a road trip, which I need to get out of the house so that jazz can get some sleep.
we took highway 93 to victor, then old East Highway to Stevensville, where we went to Charbonneau's for hand made CHOCOLATE, I got some pecan chocolates, Meriwether chocolates, Carmel chocolates, a sucker for Erik, huckleberry bark, and some huckleberry taffy. then we checked out Mary's Cafe, got the boys some grill cheese and split a scoop of cherry cheesecake ice cream. then along the East Side Highway down into Hamilton, we stopped at a school yard that had a very nice playground, let the kids out for 20 minutes, and then back along Highway 93. total trip time was about 4 hours.
picked up my computer and headed into Missoula to pick up email, nothing noteworthy, but I had to update my virus software, found three viruses this morning during a scan that I picked up the 22 (3 days ago). we have an invitation to stay with some parents of some friends in Colorado Springs, Co this weekend, so that appears to be the best route.
just not sure how to break up that run from Colorado Springs across Kansas and down. it is 20 hours, which is probably just too far, but I dont see any other place to stop. I definitely dont want to stay in Oklahoma City or Dallas in a tent. hmm. I am sure I will get a sign to let me know what to do. ;-)
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Lolo Montana

slept okay, working with Erik on his 'homework':
full name
my cell number
9, 29, 1999 @ 3:29
street address
Klein, Texas
5 years old
He starts school in 2 weeks and we can't have him wondering who he is or where he lives.
I am getting anxious about my photography business. perused my database and found a couple of errors that I corrected, a couple of duplicates that I removed. now for our trip home in 5 days. where do we want to camp? Zion state park in Utah or Lake Wilson state park in Kansas if we stay in Zion, it is still 2 more days drive, if we make it all the way to Gallup, then it is just one more day, but do I really want to camp in Gallup? we could stop Friday night in Boise, but that is $20. or we could go back to Lolo, and if we are out by 7 am, we could make Colby Kansas by day one. course if we dont make Salina by day one, we cant make Houston by day two and would end up in Dallas by midnight day two. challenges. also taking into consideration the heat factor, do we want to head south right away or east and then south?
Boise route means setting up camp twice, Lolo means setting up camp once.
Clarkston to Boise
Boise to Gallup
Gallup to Houston
Clarkston to Lolo
Lolo to Salina
Salina to Houston
the other issues that I had set as goals this summer: Erik wipe himself after using the toilet. Magnus use the toilet. Magnus stop sucking his thumb. Magnus dress himself.
Erik is getting better, he still continues to ask if he is clean, it is annoying, eventually I hope that it will get better. Magnus is getting better about using the toilet, this week he even went on his own without prompting. as for the thumb. I am going to have to cut it off and make thumb soup out of it. he did whine but completely undress his pj's and put on his clothes today including a clean pull-up as well as put on clean socks.
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lolo Montana

wretched situation. Jazz is so overwhelmed, she made an appointment with the bishop of the church that in summary told her that she didn't attend church enough to qualify for aid, that she didn't give any money to the church so she didn't qualify for aid. and what were her grandparents doing running around the country instead of being home taking care of her. she was really furious at his pompous self righteous attitude. (my words, her were much more frank) ;) I personally feel that if I were to stop giving the church my 10% and give it directly to her that it would be money better spent, so I think I will send a letter to the church canceling my subscription. ;-) see how they like that solution. ;-)
the bishop chastised her for not working all night and then still staying up all day to go to a church service time that was convenient for him, had I been there, I do believe that I would have happily strangled him. what a unfeeling insufferable little man. she is living off of $5000 a year and paying $240 a month in medical bills, $160 a month for insurance and he is a presumptuous sanctimonious indifferent snoid. he told her that he would like to challenge her to go to church, I think he should have noticed her at young women's camp for the last 5 years. grrr. you would think that he could have had the decency to give her a food order so that she could have some mac-n-cheese and toilet paper. it is not the 'no' that bugs me, it is his 'attitude' that her needs are not good enough, that $15,000 in medical bills for a less than 24 hour hospital visit and no insurance, is not good enough, that her church attendance is not good enough, that she is not trying hard enough to meet her financial responsibilities and that she is not donating enough money to the church is his reasons for denying her. what a blasphemous heathen he is. totally discrediting her actually having a full time job and working rather than going to church. I commend her work ethic and condemn his holier than thou attitude.
Got a call from Della, she is taking her kids to walk up to the M, which is a several mile hike, and while I have lived in Missoula for three decades, I have never walked up there. she is welcomed to it. she asked if I would try the L, which is an easier hike, I said I would consider it. It is doubtful. I am much better at peddling with the kids.
watched Secret Garden with Erik, he didn't think it was very kewl. ;-) Magnus is still taking his nap, so things are fairly peaceful. I emptied the dishwasher (Erik helped with the silverware) and loaded it, wiped down the counter tops and made a partial attempt at the floor. I am just so exhausted. I can feel my body preparing for the anxiety of driving home. I am getting worse about my traveling as I get older. less 'flexible' in more ways than one, emotionally, physically, mentally. *sigh* I need a vacation to recoup from my vacation. ;-) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lolo Montana

complete zone day. just vegetated. jazz came home with a horrendous migraine, too much stress over her finances. she vomited from the stress several times. tried to get some food in her, but the smell just made her heave some more. got her to sleep, shushed the boys a whole lot but just too tired to do anything constructive with them. finally after the sun went down, loaded Magnus up in the bike trailer and Erik on his bike and pedaled up to the church, over to the truck stop, down to the grocery store, got some ice cream and back the the tent. just a few miles, a little fresh air, and am so totally ready to sleep.
jazz woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. she cleaned and reorganized her room to pass the time. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005

Clarkston, Washington to Lolo, Montana

EXHAUSTION. put the kids down for bed at 9:00 pm and that went fine, but Naomi woke up at 2:45 a.m. and just couldn't get back to sleep. I dozed on and off all morning, finally Jazz called at 7:15 am and talked to Naomi for a few minutes and told her to go to sleep. that did the trick and I got a solid hour of sleep. still monumentally exhausted. made pancakes for breakfast, but the kids didn't do them justice. picked up the room, loaded the car, and went to Come On Inn for lunch, the kids ordered chicken strips, but should have gotten grill cheese sandwiches all around, wandered around for a little while, too cloudy for the park, and a horrible dust storm through town, finally opted to go to North Pole Ceramics and let the kids do a project. Erik opted for a $1.50 VW Bug, Magnus a $2.00 M and Naomi didn't pick anything, she wanted a $30 angel, but that was not in the budget. Naomi and I ended up just browsing catalogs and picking out our favorites. I like the fairies. after we got that done, it was time for a cookie snack, wash-up and hug and kiss good bye. got gas at Costco, and drove back through the canyon. saw a couple of doe's, a momma moose with a baby, and a papa moose as well as several bucks. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lolo, Montana to Clarkston Washington

pack up for drive through the canyon. put all extras in the tent for safe keeping. had a financial chat with Jazz, she has a complicated summer ahead of her yet. Puddles has been overheating and has a slight knock. looks like she will need a new head gasket. poor mutt. made it 85% through the canyon and bam, a car wreck has taken up both lanes, looks like a one hour wait. then while waiting, the unmentionable happened. FLASHING GREEN LIGHT in the NIKON D70. I am not amused! better now than during a wedding, but still, I have little hope that Wolf Camera will do right by me. this is a known issue with the early models. *sigh* possibly if I do well with the two may weddings that have not ordered I can buy a second body while the first one is off to the factory. meanwhile, the clock is ticking, I am stuck on this side of the river, I had only allowed 1 hour leeway to be late, and this wreck is eating that hour up faster than a new York minute. if we leave now, I could just barely make it. meanwhile, we are fortunate that we have a DVD player, air conditioning, and I have put a huge towel over the back window to keep the heat down, and a window reflector over the west side windows. as long as my computer battery holds up, I should be okay.
arived safely. naomi hysterical: first we can not find her swimsuit. then she is wigging over her tooth. erik lost his fourth one this week and she wants me to pull hers so that they match, then she doesnt have a baby blanket (both boys have one) so we go over to jo ann fabrics and get her a new one. then McD's for chicken sandwhiches. the screaming and yelling is so stressful, I am ready to make a pot of bourbon instead of coffee. (;-) did I mention that it was 106'F in Lewiston? 105'F in Boise, Idaho. *sigh* wow Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Missoula, Montana

quiet day, took jazz's bike into town to the Bike Doctor, $88.00 estimate for tune up, new back brake, new chain, new intertubes, and true the wheels as well as loosen up the seat and clean the rear sprocket.
Patrick got Jazz a bike rack for her car, he is so sweet. was gone 3 hours, picking up email, setting up Jazz's direct deposit. had to fuel up the car and get some groceries, amazing how much milk we go through. spent the afternoon visiting with Brekke, she is moving the Austin from Provo, definitely an adjustment for her. chat with Krys, good visit. looks like another generation of kids being best friends with the parents. strange how that works. I was pretty much best friends with my parents when I was living in Montana, and now that I am in Texas, virtually alone, it is much harder to form new friendships. just so used to my parents being the ones, annoying though they can be.
calculated budget for return home, totals for summer freaked me out.
2376.7 up here
4572 miles while here +460 (estimate to end of the visit)
2376.7 back home9785.4 total estimate for summer
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lolo Montana

puttered around the house, just amazes me that I can swifter and 3 hours later, just as dirty as before. house is a dust magnet. took the car in for service, a factory recall to update the software. pulling into the dealership someone had accidentally dumped 5 one gallon cans of latex paint and I accidentally got some grey on the car. fortunately most of it came off. unloaded the Burley and hooked it up the the Trek, loaded in the lunch pail, got Erik's Specialized out and we went out Reserve, down 93, up old fort Missoula road past the golf courses, to the Fort, had lunch, pedaled on to the military museum, around the ft Missoula museum, and back to the fort, down past Community hospital, to the Military Reserve depot, and then on the walkway along reserve, back to the dealership. we were gone about an hour, pedaled 35 minutes, going 4 miles total. pretty good considering it was blasted hot, 88'F.
I made tremendous progress on my brochures for Barefoot Creation's August's open house, the invitation, the flyers to have on hand, and now I really just need to proof them, print them, and mail them. I don't have a printer up here, so that limits my progress. I really need to work on my collages for printing in 20x20 as well. that is more daunting, I am just about out of creative juices. ;-)
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Missoula, Montana

7/18 Monday
called the dealership, the hybrid has had a factory recall regarding the electronic brain, the battery pack, the catalytic converter, have to take it in tomorrow. adopted a bike out of the trash for Jazz, good brand, just needs some TLC, Drove in to Missoula, picked up email and checked bank accounts at the ValU Inn, now camped out with a sleeping bag, lunch bag stocked with bananas, water, PBJ fixings, tuna fish fixings, and fruit loops, camera bag with extra compact flash card, and computer bag with extra battery, at the Lions Park. Magnus is playing in the water, Erik by the water fountain, both have squirt guns and are HAPPY. Della is in from Milwaukee with her two kids, she is meeting us here to play, Jazz is sleeping so that she can go to work tonight. I found a great shade tree centered to the water fountains, the play equipment and the swings and I can not find a single cloud in the sky. what a great day. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lolo Montana to Missoula Montana

7/17 Sunday
drove into missoula to get cleaning supplies, and groceries. $1 store: carpet shampoo, scrub brush, window cleaner foam, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, interior car wipes. $9 Big Lots: Armour-All wipes, fig newtons, cheese/crackers $11 Dazzle Car wash: shampooed the carpets in the car, scrubbed it top to bottom, inside out, armour-alled the vinyl, and then ran it through the carwash and got a wax. $10 Safeway: milk, eggs, chicken, alfredo sauce, margarine, $67! Back to Lolo: sad to see two more baby deer on the road. what is so hard about stopping to miss them? visitors from church, jazz's home teachers. talked about family, said funny thing about coffin's, they don't come with luggage racks. movie fest: analyze this, 6 days 7 nights, divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood, blast from the past, legally blonde dinner: chicken, alfredo fettuccini, mashed potatoes, ambrosia, cranberry juice Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lolo Montana

7/16 Saturday phone call from the Great Grandma, they are in Gatlinburg Tennessee, clean the house festival. stripped down jazz's bed and washed EVERYTHING, sheets, blankets, comforter, pillows, cleaned under the bed, wiped down all the electronics, then tackled the kitchen, dining room, under the buffet's, cleaned the living room, emptied the tent and reorganized, moved all the bookshelves, entertainment center, 4 end tables, tipped over the couches, recliner, and swept, swiftered, and de-dustbunnied. sorted through my goodies and got all the laundry done up. what is so frustrating is that the house is small, and yet, I can run a swifter through the rooms, and three hours later, run it again, and the floor is dirty again. absolutely insane, the house is like a dirt magnet, 11 hours to get the house clean. vacuumed the car with Jazz's vacuum, not too bad. did a computer back up, never know when something will 'go down' dinner: fish sticks, corn, steamed broccoli, milk Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

Clarkston, Washington to Lolo, Montana

7/15 Friday trip to Lewiston town center, then Pioneer Park, lunch at McDonalds, picked up email at Quality Inn, Gas at Costco, and Cappichino at Flying J, and back through the canyon. motorcycles induced road rage. stopped at Powell, Magnus would not pee in the restroom, said it was dirty, had to drive 1/2 mile down the road and let him pee on a tree. some people's children. sad to see a dead spotted baby deer on the road. back in lolo, Jazz helped empty the car, she left for work, movie fest: national treasure, the hours, miss congeniality 2, Stewart little 1 & 2 dinner: hamburgers on Poulsbo and romaine Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lolo, Montana to Clarkston Washington

7/14 Thursday ROAD TRIP through the canyon, 4 hours of twisting and winding roads. Naomi in a great mood. very calm. 2 hours in the pool. dinner at Shari's. chill watching some PBS while Erik 'concentrated' Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Missoula, Montana

McLeod Park, the last of the Missoula Working Water Turtles. Magnus never even wanted to get wet, he just wanted to play on the merry go round until someone was pushing too fast and he fell down, face first and got a mouth full of sand, got that wiped out with a towel and then rinsed with some water and now he is peacefully playing in the sand. Erik on the other hand got his swim shorts on and is running barefoot like a native. found someone to share not one but two water pistols, neither want to stop for lunch, and it is 2:39 pm. the sky is just so huge today, blue as blue can be. the wind is great, keeping it cool, even though the temps are over 88, the kids are having a BLAST! I do miss this part of Missoula. A PBJ and a bottle of water, sleeping bag and computer and I am set for the afternoon. I used to play at this park in the 1970's, the twins in the 1980's, Naomi in the 1990's and now the boys in 2000's. 30 years and nothing really changes, the equipment has been updated from metal to plastic (other than the merry-go-round) but the bathrooms and pavilion are the same, the concrete turtles that spew water out of the shells and the fountain in the middle for the kids to run through are the same as 30 years ago. I just wish that this town had more of a job market. it is really the kewlest town to raise kids, great bike system, great bus system. just wretchedly horrible housing cost. when we bought in 1990 it was 2x what my parents paid in 1982, in 2005, it is 4.5x what it was in 1990, which is just insane that a 1700 sqft house in 1982 was $35K and now is $215K. but the wages just stink. Jazzer is making $8/hour, I started at $5 in 1984. so $3/hour increase in 20 years. It continues to stagnate, when I left in 1993 I was making $11/hour (course Doug was making $8 and my parents were paying mechanics $15/hr) how people continue to exist here is remarkable. I need to do more bike riding in, I have been hit or miss with it this summer. did more in Boise than I did all other places combined. just too tired most of the time. not sleeping well, the bedroll under my sleeping bag seems to be deflating, I should blow it back up. My hair is in 2 braids and driving me a little crazy. it is four fingers past my elbow when braided, much longer when not. I may have to do something though, it is getting terribly thin and wraps around my bra when I try to pull it on, not to mention, it may start to dangle down when I have to sit to use the toilet, THAT COULD BE A PROBLEM. granted it is already brown, but still. LOL
got Erik's school clothes last week. he dad is insisting that he go at least one year to 'see' how it goes. Erik is doing well here at McLeod Park (beside Rocky Mountain Ears Nose and Throat as well as Rocky Mountain Eye) it is the last remaining water turtle park, all the others were 'retired' and the turtles were scattered in park lawns and the wadding pools dug up and hauled up to BFI. that SUCKS. Magnus is in the sand and Erik is in the water fountain. jazz called complaining that it is too hot to sleep at the house. she is going out to McClay's bridge to swim and cool off. told her that it was downright chilly here with the breeze. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Lolo Montana

wow the natives are getting restless, we will be home in a couple of weeks and everyone is starting to call. must be getting anxious. good to hear that I have some photography appointments building up. ;-) that is always good to hear. I hope to really have a momentum going this fall. felt motivated to say a prayer for jazz. to guide her and protect her and look out for her. she drove into town to see the doctor (she is sick with bronchitis) and pick up some Rx as well as drop off a doctors note to her employer, and get a much needed oil change and check her tires (pressure seems to be going down) drove into town after dinner (mac n cheese) and moping the kitchen floor and running yet another load of dishes, got fresh veggies and some bread snacks at the farmers market. was picking up some email and getting the boys some ice water when I got a call, someone had found jazz's cell phone in the parking lot at the post office, and called the last call (MOM) and he said that it was always good to call MOM. ;-) he brought her phone to me, that was such a good deed. met jazz at Rosaurs to return her phone, where her car wouldn't start. finally got it going again. she has had more stress than she can handle today. headed back to Lolo and took a shower and settled the boys down for the night. Erik is watching a panda movie and Magnus is out like a light sleeping on my bedroll in the tent. little mutt. it never fails to amaze me how each boy takes turns stealing my spot in the tent. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Lolo Montana to Missoula Montana

went bike riding on the Missoula greenbelt, let the boys play with jazz's dawgs. cleaned the kitchen AGAIN, I swear, there must be gremlins in there after I go to sleep. took a well needed nap, cooked lasagna dinner for all the kids..
worked on organizing jazz's finances into an easy to understand budget so that she can handle it herself. broke it down in how much she owes and out of which check it needs to come out of. nap changed my sleeping pattern, was up until 6 am before tired enough to sleep. grr. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lolo Montana

washed the car, mowed the lawn, did the laundry, got the base camp cleaned up again, never ending battle when you are living out of a suitcase and not settled in your own accommodations.
MOVIE...MOVIE...MOVIE... binge:
Bringing Down the House... 2 weeks notice... Harry Potter III...Tomb Raider II...10 thing I hate about you...Sleepless in Seattle...A knights tale... lots of air popped pop corn for snack food, keeping our budget costs to a minimum while we hang out in between visits with Naomi. Naomi was not cooperative on the phone visit. Jennifer said that she was in a bad mood, would try back later, but never did hear from her again. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lolo Montana

whoohoo I packed the Leapfrog Tablets for the boys, and they showed no interest in them in June, so I packed them away, just pulled them out and WOW, they are fascinated with the new toy. how lucky is that?
Wedding Planner.... Where the heart is.... Woman on Top... Save the Last Dance....Hanging Up...Whatever it takes...Blue Crush....Drumline... Bring It on... got a call from Jennifer, Naomi threw up and is feeling much better, she got something 'bad' possibly canned peaches on Thursday and that was what was fermenting in her tummy causing the ruckus. after barfing, she proceeded to fill her tummy with an assortment of tacos and whatnot and seemed better. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

Clarkston, Washington to Lolo, Montana

cherrios and cold milk. for 6 weeks I have been making pancakes and I am just TIRED so now we are doing cold cereal and I am not ashamed, I am exhausted. well naomi is not constipated anymore, she is just the opposite. she has horrible burps, and gas, smells like a full blown case of yeast. goodness gracious. had a full morning of PBS, loaded up the car and set off for the park. BACK through the canyon. I really should 'document' just how treaturous that canyon can be. Posted by Picasa

Clarkston, Washington

cherrios and cold milk. for 6 weeks I have been making pancakes and I am just TIRED so now we are doing cold cereal and I am not ashamed, I am exhausted. well naomi is not constipated anymore, she is just the opposite. she has horrible burps, and gas, smells like a full blown case of yeast. goodness gracious. had a full morning of PBS, loaded up the car and set off for the park. BACK through the canyon. I really should 'document' just how treaturous that canyon can be.
5912miles so far. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lolo, Montana to Clarkston Washington

oh man... one more time through the canyon to go on the adventure. a Swift truck was not paying attention to his speed, the weight distribution of his truck and did not make a corner, he, his tractor and the trailer were laying on thier side poor mutt. Got checked into Motel 6, settled in, grabbed a little nap before naomi came. once we had her settled in, we dashed off to Wal-mart for some snacks and a couple of treats. then a nice dinner. tried to visit McDonatuna fish sandwhiches. then the POOL. for two hours. Naomi and Magnus were so tired, they had to ge back by 7:44pm and go to sleep. nice hot shower to get everyone rinsed off and ready for bed. Naomi had a horrible night. terrible tummy ache. constipation. got some tumms in her and she settled down. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lolo Montana

laundry, dishes, movies, movies, movies. Mac n Cheese for dinner. trip to walmart to get diapers / wipes and band-aids to replentish the first aid kit.
free concert in the park. met della and her kids, played on the computer listening to live concert music. chocolate frosties and ice waters for treats. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lolo Montana to Missoula Montana

wow what a bunch of chores, trip to community medical clinic for Patrick, Post office to send Sverre's phone charger, then over to Walgreens to get my Rx, up to Old Navy for some great bargains for Erik, then to Wendy's for salads,
got jazz's reddot cellular one spreadsheets printed out (shipping depot computer was down, but emery valcom was working) then picked up email, then to Montana Job Service to get the forms filled out and notarized, then to the post office, sent registered, THEN logged in to get Jazzer's Insurance benefits set up. gassed up the cars (Ouch) and zipped into Golden Corral for a surloin steak dinner. back to lolo for laundry duty. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Lolo Montana to Missoula Montana

Happy Fourth of July, our country's independence. sneaked into town to check email, get some groceries. and then back to Lolo, was going back in to the mall for the show, but needed to just have a down evening to rest. We set up our chairs and watched the neighbors blow off close to $1000 worth of goodies. one tipped over and nearly took out three houses. spent hours working on my personal website, trying to get it into the new format. more of just file management than actual content development. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Missoula, Montana

happy surprise with Naomi. Zipped into Wendy's for fruit bowls for the kiddos. trip to collect school clothes at the mall for HRH Erik, we scored some Levi's and T-shirts at Herburgers. but not without Magnus getting a total goose egg from the dressing room door slammed into his forehead from Erik. JCPenney down the other end was not successful, they didn't have anything for the twerp. sorted through jazz's closet (serious downsize for Naomi to inherit, two 20 gallon sacks worth.) A trip to subway for sweet onion chicken teriyaki subs, and Naomi had a thermal nuclear meltdown. Kay Jewelers torqued me off trying to get service. finally headed back to Lolo and smacked down some veggies / fruit and fish fillets for dinner. bought a lovely Boston silk pie and candles for Magnus's 4th birthday. finally had 4 of 5 kids at one table for a delayed birthday party. we even scored some ice cream. and then the dreaded photo shoot of the kids. now mommy loves photos but it does take a lot of patience to get everyone to look in the same direction and have a 'normal' expression. just a couple hours of torture. total visit 10 am to 9 pm. ;-) happy day. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Eagle Idaho to Missoula Montana

cartoons.. a very special treat for Erik, he has a buddy staying here, Dirk is 6 and they are good pals. so they are quietly watching Disney channel, Buzz Light-year and Kim Possible. Sverre is getting his daily mandatory shower.
LOAD the CAR is the catch phrase of the summer. take all of Sverre's stuff out, put our 'extra' stuff back in. went to Boise Co-op for some Organic snack supplies.
loaded the boy's in their car seats and then headed north. got some pictures of the whitewater rafters one even mooned me. there is a fantastic bridge that I did get some great photos. we did not hear from anyone so once I got to Grangeville (with RV's a total of 4 hours), I called to see if I needed to head NW to Lewiston or NE to Kooskia. Kooskia was the winner. and by the time I got to Lolo, it was +8 hours total for the day. boy, some of those hairpin corners would have put some grey hairs on Sverre's chest. ;-) serious potty stop at Cougar Canyon in Syringa for emergency gas, but all in all, it went well.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Redfish Lake in Sawtooth Wilderness to Eagle Idaho

rise and shine to no fog, yippee, sneaked up to the toilets ALONE and then down to the lake for some peace and quiet ALONE. back up to camp to wash-up the griddle, and make some pancakes. 4 for Sverre, 3 for me, 2 for Erik, 2 for Magnus. then clean the grill up, and make some pancakes. 4 for Sverre, 3 for me, 2 for Erik, 2 for Magnus. then clean the grill up and start packing the car for the trip back south. made much more difficult by Erik's 'accident' which soaked not only 'my' sleeping bag, but his clothes and his bedroll. not sure why, he went pee twice before bed. got the car completely loaded, and headed out. the campsites were getting doubled booked, and it looked like the holiday weekend would be standing room only. the Camp ground had cut down 10% of the Lodge pole pine (true dog hair thicket) and most were just laying down rotting ;to provide protection for new trees (hello, takes a fire to open a lodge pole pine cone, but WHATEVER) and two were laying crossways, Erik and Magnus were pretty resourceful and used them for a teeter todder. it was pretty cool to see them so ingenious! Later on, Erik managed to borrow some bigger kid's 20" bike, he is just dying to get one of his own. once the car was loaded, we drove back down to Lowman, and then cut down through Idaho City, showed the boys lots of tailings piles and talked about gold mining, then on to Lucky Peak Reservoir and talked about basalt lava flows and crystallization. then through Boise's Hyde Park area, into Eagle, and finally back to the Swain's to get de-slimed, and cleaned up. started some laundry and then set off in search of some dinner. found a nice little restaurant called Whitewater Pizza & Pasta. I got a soup / salad and Sverre got a pizza and the boys got Mac n Cheese. they were so tired and hungry and cranky, that we ordered the mac n cheese ASAP before we ordered drinks and it was a good thing because once they ate, they were much better spirited. the food was fantastic, and the service was pretty good. I drank something that was a D Do, which is 1/3 ice tea & 2/3 lemonade. pretty good. polished off two 20 oz glasses. nearly died at the price $40. but it was hot, it was filling and it was good. went and picked up email, scouted houses in the area, and then back to put the boys to bed.
bed was a quiet but totally drawn out affair. teeth, potty, and pj's were easy enough, Toy Story II took forever, had to shut the house down completely for Erik and Magnus finally went to sleep. Magnus is so freaking annoying, sucking his thumb noisily all night, I was about ready to send him out to sleep in the car, Sverre got upset with me for telling him to stop and making him cry, I now have a month to get him potty trained and thumb broke without interference. I have a 50/50 chance. Posted by Picasa